Honour Roll

Throughout the year the club awards other special awards including

Life Members

1992    Alf Caldwell
1993    Robyn Koellner
1994    Rhonda van Bracht
1995    Peter Eaton
2001    Hans Cremerius
2002    Dennis Curtis
2003    Geoff Lucas
2007    Frank Scott
2009    Dick Ruse
2012    Janelle Curtis
2012    Robert Blacker
2012    Tony Hanscombe
2019    Keri Blacker
2019    Peter Bolst

Peter Eaton Memorial Consistency Award

Peter Eaton Award Criteria

Peter moved to Bega in 1976 with wife Val & daughters Tess & Katrina to run the store at north Bega. He was quick to recognise that there was a niche for squash courts in the town so he had them built.  At the age of 36 Peter took up squash seriously and quickly became the best in the district. He went on to win our club championship 9 times, coached numerous juniors including his own daughters who both won our ladies championship.

The “Peter Eaton award” however recognises more the highly competitive attitude he bought to the game. None can recall him ever missing a match- for any reason. Once you were selected to his team a bond was formed and you were a team. Team practice was mandatory, not whether but how often. All were on hand at 7pm to watch your 3 team- mates play, everyone scored or refereed, and all commiserated or celebrated the teams result. Peter would do what ever it took, within the rules (& sometimes only just) to win. Losing was not an option.
Standards set by Peter in the formative days of our club ensured a keen interest and smooth running with a good supply of well-tutored juniors.

The person who receives this coveted award each year is the person recognised by the committee as best upholding his spirit in the following:

  • Dedication to his sport & his team, Peter was a champion but his win meant nothing if the team didn’t win- it’s a team sport.
  • Placing a high priority on being available for each match.
  • Once on the court winning is everything & you must give your all while still showing good sportsmanship.
  • Off the court it is your duty to fully support your team- mates with advice or verbal encouragement.

Peter Eaton Awardees


2022 Tristan Cerveny
2021 Keri Blacker
2020 Leanne Crowe
2019 Adam Twyford
2018 Luke Apps
2017 Chris Bartlett
2016 Jason Darcy
2015 Joel Tamatea
2014 Jeff Row
2013 Gerry Tarlinton
2012 Dennis Curtis
2011 Michael Haigh
2010 Craig Bassett
2009 Mark Canavan
2008 Shawn Kennedy
2007 Leanne Heyhorn
2006 Nicholle Eadie
2005 Peter O'Brien
2004 Peter Bolst
2003 Frank Scott
2002 Kelly Parbery
2001 Robert Blacker

Club Person of the Year

This award is chosen by votes collected from all members

2022 Cleo Stylianou
2021 Peter Bolst
2020 Peter Bolst
2019 Peter Bolst
2018 John Stylianou
2017 Peter Bolst
2016 Peter Bolst
2015 Peter Bolst
2014 Janelle Curtis
2013 Cliff Pistorius
2012 Dennis Curtis & Janelle Curtis
2011 Dennis Curtis
2010 Rhonda Lane & Janelle Curtis
2009 Troy Northey
2008 Frank Scott
2007 Zip Summerell and Leanne Heyhorn
2006 Frank Scott
2005 Frank Scott
2004 Janelle Sturt
2003 Frank Scott
2002 Zip Summerell
2001 Robyn Koellner
2000 Lorraine Ruse
1999 Dick Ruse
1998 Lorraine Ruse
1997 Dick Ruse
1996 Dennis Curtis
1995 Robyn Koellner

Other Special Awards 

Most Improved Player

Presented at the end of each year

Karen Jamieson Memorial Award

Most valuable masters & other tournament player for the year

Player Appreciation Certificates

For long standing service to the club - presented once each year

Undefeated Trophies

Each comp awards are given to players who have not lost a match.  Players must have played and won their own game each week for 10 weeks.  You are not eligible for an If you have not played each of your 10 matches