Club Champions

Each year the Club run’s its Grand Hotel Club Championships over two weeks.  The 2022 Club Champions are:

Mens Open Mark Canavan  - runner up Max Stylinaou
Ladies Open: Leanne Crowe - runner up Ketryn Lucas
2022 Bega Squash Club Champions
  Mens Open Mens Div 1 Mens Div 2 Mens Div 3
Winner Mark Canavan Kynan Bartlett Robert Blacker Krishna Penukonda
Runner Up Max Stylianou Rob Simic Tristan Cerveny Kyle Gasser
  Ladies Open Ladies Div 1  Ladies Div 2  
Winner Leanne Crowe Cleo Stylianou Sylvia Moon  
Runner up Ketryn Lucas Shiralee Balcolm Jill Brice  
Past Bega Squash Club Open Champions 
Men's Champion
Ladies Champion
Junior Boy Champion
Junior Girl Champion
2022 Mark Canavan Leanne Crowe Not Hedl Not Held
2021 Nathan Fuller Ketryn Lucas Not held Not Held
2020 Mark Canavan Ketryn Lucas  Not held Not Held
2019 Nathan Fuller Brooke Bartlet  Kynan Bartlett Macey Canavan
2018 Scott Galeano Leanne Crowe Alexander Eadie Brooke Bartlett
2017 Scott Galeano Leanne Crowe Alexander Eadie Chloe Harlow
2016 Troy Northey Nicholle Cooke Alexander Eadie Brooke Bartlett
2015 Troy Northery Caitlin Coombes Scott Galeano Nikki Tarlinton
2014 Jeff Row  Nicholle Cooke Jordan Tarlinton Nikola Tarlinton
2013 Troy Northey  Nicholle Cooke Blake Dowling Kelsea Tarlinton
2012 Troy Northey  Nicholle Cooke Chris Dwyer Brydie Tarlinton
2011 Troy Northey  Wendy Constance Chris Dwyer Brydie Tarlinton
2010 Troy Northey Jane Thelan Jake Summerell Brydie Tarlinton
2009 Troy Northey Donna Moore Jock Lee Megan Blacker
2008 Troy Northey Donna Moore Tim Benson-Taylor Joanne Johnson
2007 Shawn Kennedy Peta Tatnell Tim Benson-Taylor Rachel Hall
2006 Troy Northey Peta Tatnell Owen Blacker Joanne Johnson
2005 Jeff Rowe Peta Tatnell Steven Bolst Ketryn Hanscombe
2004 Shawn Kennedy Peta Tatnell Steven Bolst Kate Whitford
2003 Shawn Kennedy Peta Tatnell Dylan Curtis Kate Whitford
2002 Steve Harris Megan Zonneveld Chris Sturt Kate Whitford
2001 Andrew High Marsha Smith Craig Ryan Tammie Bastian
2000 Chris Thomas Wendey Hetherington    
1999 Chris Thomas Wendy Hetherington    
1998 Hans Cremerius Peta Tatnell    
1997 Hans Cremerius Keri Anderson    
1996 Hans Cremerius Peta Tatnell    
1995 Hans Cremierius Peta Tatnell    
1994 Hans Cremierius Keri Anderson    
1993 Jason Howe Leanne Blaxter    
1992 Peter Eaton Tracy Smith    
1991 Chris Stead Sue Bethel    
1990 Peter Eaton Tracy Smith    
1989 Peter Eaton Tracy Smith    
1988 Peter Eaton Tracy Miller    
1987 Peter Eaton Tracy Miller    
1986 Peter Eaton Tracy Miller    
1985 Peter Eaton Tracy Miller    
1984 Andrew Elston Katrina Eaton    
1983 Peter Eaton Katrina Eaton    
1982 Peter Eaton Tess Eaton    
1981 Peter Eaton Tess Eaton