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Who will I play against?

New players are graded by playing them against existing members at grading nights in the two weeks prior to the commencement of each comp.

Existing members are graded using their results from the previous comp and/or from grading nights. 

Players are placed in teams of equal graded ability.  You will play each player on your graded line twice during each comp.

How will I know when to Play?

Our Draw is published on the website and a text message will be sent to you when the draw has been finalised. 

Members can view the draw, teams and graded list on the website or check out our facebook page for more information. https://www.facebook.com/BegaSquashClub/

What if I’m not available on a particular night?

If you are unable to play you must organise a substitute from the graded lists.  Subs must be frm your line on the list.

You need to let your captain and your opponent know you will not be playing and who you have organised as a sub playere.

Please let our Draw Secretary know so we can update the details in Sporty HQ. 

If you need to be absent for an extended length of time ie holidays, injury, please contact the grading officer or one of the committee.


All subs for finals games are chosen by the committee using the competition results to find the next available player with the closest result to the person requiring a sub.

What can I do if I’d like to play but have another commitment on one of the regular nights?

The Grading Committee will consider requests and place you in a team that will play the least amount of times on this night. 

You can then organise a sub for the night you are unavailable or arrange with your opponent and captain to play early or late. 

All games must be played in club times.  If you are going to be late you must let your captain and opponent know and you must arrive prior to 8 pm.

Can I go home after I play my game?

Bega Squash Club encourages all players to arrive at 6.30pm and stay until all games are completed.

Each player should score or umpire one game each night and we encourage you to support your team by watching and encouraging team-mates. 

If you need to go home early or arrive late, please let your captain know and arrange for another team member to undertake your scoring or refereeing duties if you are not able to do this.  THIS SHOULD NOT BE A REGULAR OCCURRENCE.  Please think of your teammates and do your share.

How are winning teams decided?

Games are played using the “point a rally” system with the winning player being the first to reach 15 points.  Matches are “best of 5 games” ie the first player to win 3 games wins the match.

At the end of each evening in each Grade, the scores from each team are added up by totalling the number of games won by each player on the team.  The game tally, plus the extra 2 points for the team with the most number of winning games is recorded on a running score sheet each week.

At the end of the 10 weeks, the leading team goes straight through to the Grand Final, played on the Thursday of the 11th week.  Teams 2 and 3 play off on the Tuesday of that week to decide the 2nd team for the Grand Final.

Grand Final Presentations

Trophies are presented at the Bega Country Club on Grand Final nights after the completion of matches.  BOTH WINNERS AND RUNNERS UP TEAMS RECEIVE TROPHIES.

Can I play at other times or what other Competitions can I enter?

The Bega RSL Courts are available for social hire when not booked for competitions, by school groups or for tournaments.  See the Golf Club Bar Staff 6492 1570 to make a booking or check availability.  Club Bega Squash members have access to the courts via a key card entry to play social 24/7 (outside of formal booking times).

Many members practice on a Monday evening, so if you don’t have practice partner, visit the courts at this time, and ask the players at the courts if you can join in.

Players also travel to tournaments organised by other clubs.  These are both open tournaments and masters events (Over 35 players). Contact the Tournament Coordinator or one of the committee for further information check our our Masters Tournaments page.

The club hosts social visits from other clubs for social inter-town comps within on a regular basis.  This includes a yearly exchange visit with the ACT Masters Club.

The Bega Squash Club also holds an Open Tournament with PSA (Professional Squash Association) players attending, and a weekend tournament that is open to all levels.  See our Tournaments page for more information.

Are there any Social Activities?

The committe encourages players to stay for supper bring along a plate of food to share and stay after the end of all matches to meet players from all grades, drinks are available from the Bega Country Club bar when open.

Trophies are presented at the Bega Country Club on Grand Final nights after the completion of matches, another chance to wind down and socialise with teammates and the opposition players.

The social committee may also arrange activities like dress up or theme nights. A Presentation Dinner is organised each year to present trophies to the winners of the Club Championships.